How far does the workspace headspace reach?

We built a collaborative map with the visitors to the FACT gallery, pinpointing where they were digitally connecting around Liverpool, the UK and the world.

For our workshop I developed a method of collaboratively discussing and mapping digital networks and connections using pushpins and colour coded connections. The backdrop to our digital space map for this workshop was a series of abstracted images showing outlines of the world, UK and Liverpool regions, all centred on the FACT gallery (based on the Dymaxion map projection).

We spent the day talking with people working, visiting, relaxing and playing in the gallery spaces (that range from cafes, to co-working tables, to a bar and cinema). For each conversation, we asked people to put a digital connection they made while in the gallery on to our map. This was marked with a push pin and a line made back to the gallery on the wall with coloured string.

By the end of the day we had markers in almost every continent, and digital connections ranging from email and txts, to digital file transfer of work photos, to a minecraft game server chat connection.

More workshop info from the FACT listings:

Liverpool is a city of work built on connections around the world. The traditions of global trade have shifted from docks, to desks, to digital space, and continue to define the city’s outward-looking focus in the digital age.

Decode FACT is a day-long workshop survey of digital working life:

• Where do people go in digital space, while physically located at FACT?
• Where are they thinking about?
• Who are they communicating with?
• How far does the FACT workspace headspace reach?

The event offers the opportunity to contribute to a map of digital connections that stretch from FACT across the globe. Drop in to the temporary Co-Working Space on the 6th February 2014 to talk to the researchers and help decode the FACT gallery and café as a workplace of the future.

Ben Dalton (Royal College of Art), Claire McAndrew (The Bartlett, UCL) and Bridget Hardy (Integrans Consulting) are the researchers behind the installation ‘Where do you go to?’ located in the Co-Working Space. Together they interested in promoting connectedness between people working in digital space.