Guinea pigs for all!

1st Oct 2013

In the last post (April 2013), we were reflecting on Chattr, looking forward to improve it and give it another try. Well, we gave it another try at TodaysArt, The Hague, Netherlands.

On paper, Chattr looked pretty much the same. We still offered a service in exchange for users privacy: comfy chairs, sockets and better views in FutureEverything; free soft drinks and the only place to have a seat in TodaysArt. But that was probably the one common thing that unites them.
Chattr travelled from the controlled white cube of Piccadilly Four in Manchester, to a squatted ministry building in the heart of The Hague.

Chattr was consequently updated. The cold frightening technology, –even low-tech recording devices become threatening when attached to oneself– was replaced by little cute Guinea pigs. Not real Guinea pigs, –maybe next time– but garden ornaments of vivid eyes. The Guinea pigs, or cavias as people called them, hide a microphone inside, and also our evil intentions. We no longer had to approach delegates microphone in hand, people came to us wanting a Guinea Pig really badly. Who cares if it has a microphone inside!? It's so cute!

Our quick trip to the Netherlands has provided with loads of fun and data to be analyzed. Talking about data, if you have been to FutureEverything, TodaysArt or just to you may want to help a researcher collect some data with a quick questionnaire and participate in the draw of an original Chattr Guinea pig.