Getting In-Place

16th Feb 2015

Brings together people and projects that are exploring
Heritage, Place and Local Memory through Digital Tools.

Communities, local authorities, artists, technologists, activists and researchers are getting together to work on creative projects to do with their local heritage, stories and memories using digital technologies. Creative Initiatives unique and specific to a place, share many similar challenges from active engagement to funding.

We are building a community that connects related projects. We know that combining place, people and technologies as ingredients of a project is problematic and the results are never as planned. We believe that is in the in-betweeness where the creative potentialities arises. In-Place is putting together an intelligible directory of projects that, allows you to connect with others in similar journeys in an accessible manner; to get inspirations, expertise and ways of coping with struggles akin to yours! We want to encourage creative exchange and active citizen collaboration.

What projects are we interested in?
We're looking for creative projects or artistic interventions that:

• are grounded on local stories, heritage and memory
• use  digital tools
• are created for a specific place/community

We are in the preliminary stages of construction and currently contacting high profile experts to start populating the website. We are collecting insights and inspiring stories… We are very excited to start sharing them… Coming soon.