Elf Protest: Workshop – the future of work, micro-unions, and how to create voices for hidden work

This workshop for children and adults as part of the Time & Motion exhibition at FACT gallery in Liverpool explores the hidden labour invested in making christmas happen (from toys, to postage, to cleaners).

In depth conversations about working rights in Foxconn with eight year olds, while colouring protest banners for christmas elves who make presents.

From the FACT site:

Pop into our temporary Co-working Space and help the festive elves protest.

We all know elves help make toys, but do you know what working as an elf is like? There are many different types of elf, who do different hidden jobs. Some of the holiday elves want to change the work they have to do every year, and they need your help to make banners and protest signs.

Stop by and help the elves decide what their work should be like, and help them make elf-sized banners and signs to let everyone else know.

This workshop offers a chance to:

  • Talk about what sort of work festive elves do

Help the elves to imagine what their future work should be like

  • Plan and decorate an elf-sized banner or sign
  • Take away a cardboard elf to show off your elf protest sign, or leave it in the workshop with the other protesting elves
  • Ben Dalton is a researcher and artist from the RCA helping to run the Co-working space at FACT. He's interested in the future of work, micro-unions, and how to create voices for hidden work and connections between workers who are far away.

    A Christmas Elf writes about the Elf Protest Workshop in the FACT Connects Space on Saturday 14 December (2013).

    Tragic: There is precious little sign of responsibility from the elves now. They have become reckless, bent on self-service rather than self-sacrifice.

    "There is nothing child-friendly about industrial action."