Digital work-place: Prototype app for sharing desk status

We've prototyped an app for use during collaborative projects when everyone's hotdesking or away from the office.

We drew on conversations and idea sketches with the R&D team at BBC Media City in Salford to develop an Android app for sharing images of your desk with your team as a way of staying in touch about current work status. Desks have always been a place that shows your state of mind. Messiness tends to show thinking in progress. A train seat, kitchen table or cafe show work on the move. Books or objects give hints of what you are thinking about. Our app creates a closed network between project collaborators in an organisation, and lets them quickly snap and share a picture of their desk. The screen shows the desks of other collaborators.

The app has been tested in a week long research visit with the BBC in Salford with a varied team of collaborators in the R&D department. The BBC Media City office space has been designed to encourage different working patterns (and desks) throughout the day and week. The participants often find themselves travelling while working for production projects and meetings.

We will be collecting records of the rhythm of desk logging for follow-up interviews with the participants.