Designing Digital Now Exhibition: 17-25th June, FACT Liverpool

16th Jun 2016

Creative Exchange presents a new exhibition looking at how we are shaping digital technologies - and how digital technologies are shaping us.

Premiering at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), The Creative Exchange presents the new exhibition Designing Digital Now, taking a critical look at how we are shaping digital technologies and, in turn, how digital technologies are shaping us. The exhibition is showcased in the FACT Connects space between 17 - 25 June, exploring how digital resources from smartphones to Facebook have transformed what each of us can learn, make and do.

Visitors are invited to explore how designers, makers and artists have worked across public and private sectors to develop new concepts, products, services and infrastructures. Responding to today’s complex picture of technological risk and opportunity, the exhibition will present collaborations that cross between education, industry and government, revealing emergent intersections between digital technologies and our everyday lives.

Designing Digital Now looks into how digital things can be imagined, designed and made in ways guided by our creative and ethical needs, rather than the functional capabilities of digital technology. The exhibition features prototype products, infographics and films alongside a number of interactive exhibits from smartphone apps to a giant collaborative drawing machine. A programme of events will accompany the exhibition, ranging from workshops on digital games or self-publishing magazines. Visitors are invited to contribute their own stories to a digital map of Liverpool, become part of a participatory documentary or experience a live audio walk around the city.

The exhibition is part of a special programme of pop-up exhibitions which is showcased this spring and summer in the FACT Connects space, in the foyer at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology). FACT Connects is a wide-ranging programme, which engages with members of the community, and allows FACT to connect even more with artists, musicians, and makers.