The Creative Lounge: Catalysing cross-sector collaborations

10th Jul 2014

Last week, an innovative 'Creative Lounge' event was held at Media City to bring academics and creative companies together to think about the 'Engageable City'

The Creative Lounge last Friday 4th of July at the Media City was a complete success!!!


The day workshop fantastically created opportunities to team up with great designers, technologists, artists, creative companies and academics to think about spaces, places, connectivity, and the digital/physical interface, using participatory mechanisms and tools designed specially to faciliate horizontal, save and fun collaboartions. 

During the day we explored:


Engagable cities - what is the role of technology connecting people and places

How can we connect the future and the past, memory and narrative?
How do we tangibly, physically interact with digital realms?
What are the challenges for working in these spaces?


Five initial proposals and converations have been created and are now been considered to follow up, and up to two collaborative projects will be provided with the resources and funding to develop prototype products and services, we cannot reveal much at this point but we were talking about responding materials, urban speculations, ways to improve cycling, imaginative forms of explore city spaces, creative maps and public games!