City Walks – a two-part method for civic engagement to be presented at CHI2015, Seoul

Research carried out as part of the Tuning Into T Dan Smith project has been written up and has been accepted at the Conference of Computer Human Interaction - CHI2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

The research paper, “Contesting the City: Enacting the Political through Digitally Supported Urban Walks”, presents City Walks as a two parts method for the situated discovery and articulation of issues at the intersection between the politics of place making and city planning. In the paper we describe the construction and use of designed tools, developed during the Tuning Into T Dan Smith project to invite situated dialogue between the social and institutional practices and mechanisms that produce our cities. The paper describes in detail the method’s two-parts socio-material design of digitally supported walks that situates vernacular debate about the city, in the city itself and puts historical and institutional perspectives into play with the lived and felt experiences of local people.