Cinehack: Cape Town

In January 2014, CX teams up with researchers on the SiDE project to travel to South Africa to run msuci video production workshops with hip hop artists in Cape Town. 

This project builds upon ethnographic work by Pritchard (2011) and a pilot study conducted with South African MC X the 24th (a.k.a. Mingus) in The Netherlands in December 2013. Throughout this process, we will work closely with communities to develop music videos with participants. this will be achieved by a combination of participatory action research and structured workshops.
The workshops will begin with brainstorming sessions and a share-and-share-alike session, in which YouTube clips are shared by the artists with the researchers, which will serve as a starting point for discussions about stylistic direction, as well as specific types of shots that would need to be achieved.
The second phase of the workshops will be a tool-building phase, at which members of the group who are interested in building the infrastructure will work with the researchers to obtain the tools needed - or the materials necessary to build the right tools - for the job.

Finally, the third and fourth phases will be the production of the video; shooting in the first instance and editing thereafter. This will - as much as possible - be left to the artists to co-ordinate, but the researchers (with a background in filmmaking) will be there to advise throughout.
The aim of the project is to discover how, within a specific sub-genre of video production, what is needed to help groups of motivated individuals collaborate to produce a basic video - themselves - using only affordable local materials.