CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - Geeks & Artists Round Table

15th Jan 2015

23 January 2015, 10am to 1pm - Geeks & Artists Round Table: Art & Design Speculation and Design Fiction Workshop. Morning event with lunch included. Bad ideas, good ideas, crazy idea all accepted.


Designers, Artists, Makers, Hackers, Techies, Historians, Archivists, Cultural Researchers, people with wacky ideas, people with bad ideas, people interested on speculation as research method, people interested in representations of historical narratives, war - especially WW1, people who feel like sharing a good round table, people who want to make the most of a Friday morning or hungry people that feel like exchanging ideas for a good lunch!


  • We need your help to imagine a multimedia experience for all the family that offers a WOW factor.
  • Based and inspired on Cheshire East’s local history and place-specific stories.
  • We want to explore alternative narratives of war.
  • We want to explore other ways to represent those narratives: emphasis on senses and experience.
  • The provocateurs: Historians specialising on war and Local Archivists.
  • To feed our brain: representative and place-specific material, grim and unexpectedly uplifting, iconic and mundane at the same time.
  • It will be a morning about ideas and speculations
  • It will be a workshop that tests speculation and design fiction methods.
  • Come to brain-body storm with us! We are offering you an inspiring exchange!


  • Experience Design
  • Representation of War Narratives
  • Art & Design Speculations and Design Fiction
  • Local Memory, Historical Events and Archive Engagement


  • Opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with leaders in these areas
  • Good space to nurture your creativity
  • Your voice included in the project 
  • Free Lunch!!

Please RSVP by Wednesday 21 January 2015 by emailing Malé: