Accept Cookies: Personal data performance at the AND Festival Fair

5th Oct 2013

At the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival Fair (FACT Liverpool, Oct 2013), I produced a performance based on my earlier work with web tracking cookies and personal data.

Visitors to the Fair at the FACT Gallery in Liverpool could visit a web page to generate a personal 'super cookie'. This tracking data was then transfered on to a freshly prepared cookie, and baked. This process allowed conversations about personal data and tracking technologies, along with providing a constant supply of delicous data cookies.

Here's the info from the AND Festival site:

Web cookies and browser fingerprints are used by companies to track the web pages you visit and build up detailed profiles of your tastes and habits. Users often have to accept cookies from online strangers before accessing each new web site, but it’s easy to forget about these digital traces.

Ben Dalton wants to give AND Fair-goers a unique tracking cookie too, but his are edible. Take your laptop or phone along to generate a personal cookie, eat it or keep it, and have a discussion about the information that browser fingerprint characteristics give away about you and your online activity.

"the AND Fair is inspired by the World’s Fairs of old, where inventors could showcase new inventions and discoveries such as moving images, electricity or the fluorescent light bulb. … Toying with optical illusions, flying machines, biological probes and computer algorithms, the Fair is a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with projects that bring emerging and primitive forms of technology together in unexpected fashions. … Exhibitors at the fair will include some of AND’s favourite artists and former collaborators together with a number of inspiring, emerging practitioners who responded to our recent open call."

Links to the technology and cookie recipe used…