We bring together pioneering companies and the best academic thinkers to explore the potential of something we are calling digital public space where anyone, anywhere, anytime can access, explore and create with digital content.

Together we are creating new products, experiences and business opportunities which empower anyone, anywhere to access, explore and create with the newly accessible collections of media, public information and personal data trails which form the digital public space.



Public Service Innovation and Democracy

Individual and community empowerment, new public and private sector services, data collection and sensing, data visualization and service design.
12 Projects
22 Commercial Partners
29 Academic Researchers

Performance, Liveness and Participation

Exploring how digital prototypes can be used to offer new forms of participation in live events, broadcasts and in public spaces.
11 Projects
14 Commercial Partners
20 Academic Researchers

Making the Digital Physical

Transforming the digital space trapped inside screens and devices into physical experiences in the real world.
8 Projects
6 Commercial Partners
18 Academic Researchers

Stories, Archives and Living Heritage

Exploring new ways of accessing, creating, exploring and remixing personal stories and cultural heritages to create new experiences.
6 Projects
10 Commercial Partners
11 Academic Researchers

Rethinking Working Life

What opportunities does Digital Public Space afford for new working practices? 
5 Projects
6 Commercial Partners
12 Academic Researchers

Building Social Communities - Dynamic Structures for Growth

The lab under this cluster topic will focus on the following area: Designing the Digital Public Space - Dynamic Structures for Growth
4 Projects
3 Commercial Partners
7 Academic Researchers


App Movement

App Movement
Exploring new territory in digital public spaces and how the shift from public consultation in the development of services to public commissioning of services can be made tangible via a web platform.

Erith Park: Walk the Talk

Erith Park: Walk the Talk
Supporting residents of Orbit housing association in making their own digital walking tours featuring stories and anecdotes about everyday life in Erith Park/Larner Road.

Sound & Guts

Sound & Guts
Sounds & Guts was a performance research project conducted by Tess Denman-Cleaver, which explored how live performance shapes experiences of landscape.   

The Physical Social Network

The Physical Social Network
A prototype, which will explore past writing practices through a physical, interactive experience with a digital collection of Edwardian postcards.

Lancaster Arts at the Storey: 21st Century Art Centre

Lancaster Arts at the Storey: 21st Century Art Centre
Exploring what an art centre can be when populated by and co-designed with/between the communities it serves.

Sound Spaces

Sound Spaces
Sound Spaces explores the potential of spatialised sound through public making

Latest Activity

Pseudonymity and Real Names

7th Jan 2013
What are the implications of 'real name' policies online? In the early years of the web, the oft-quoted sentiment that "on the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog" summed up the sense of exploration and playfulness that an apparent freedom from 'real-life' identity offered. In recent years, however, online commerce and...

emoto - knowledge exchange in the digital space

2nd Jan 2013
emoto was a data art project and a new way to experience and navigate a major event -- in this case the Olympic Games -- in the digital space.   emoto was a hands-on experiment in radical art and design research, exploiting the opportunity for public engagement and knowledge exchange during the...

Real-time sentiment visualisation

2nd Jan 2013
Our web-based visualisation reveals the emotional response to the Olympics in real-time. Written by: Moritz Stefaner, Drew Hemment and Studio NAND We track twitter for themes related to the Games, analyse the messages for content and emotional tone, and visualise topics and tone of the conversation. Users are able to explore the...

Start Making Sense: Digital Archives and Narrative.

20th Dec 2012
How can we make sense of the mountain of digital records being generated every day? New types of digital material such as the hundreds of millions of tweets (and associated metadata) archived by the Library of Congress are changing the way archives are understood and used. As new data types make...

Playful design

20th Dec 2012
Because play is important work! The sociologist Johan Huizinga argues that play is the basis for all ritual, myth, art and wisdom, and as our working lives become entwined with our social lives the boundary between work and play is increasingly blurred. The public digital space offers unique opportunities for research...

Participation in the digital public space

19th Dec 2012
Designing inclusive interfaces and social rituals in the hybrid public realm In participating or choosing not to participate in something we recognise that there is a society and a culture, a structure and hierarchy of relationship that we opt into, or opt out of. Within my application for CX, I said that...