We bring together pioneering companies and the best academic thinkers to explore the potential of something we are calling digital public space where anyone, anywhere, anytime can access, explore and create with digital content.

Together we are creating new products, experiences and business opportunities which empower anyone, anywhere to access, explore and create with the newly accessible collections of media, public information and personal data trails which form the digital public space.



Public Service Innovation and Democracy

Individual and community empowerment, new public and private sector services, data collection and sensing, data visualization and service design.
9 Projects
16 Commercial Partners
22 Academic Researchers

Performance, Liveness and Participation

Exploring how digital prototypes can be used to offer new forms of participation in live events, broadcasts and in public spaces.
11 Projects
14 Commercial Partners
20 Academic Researchers

Making the Digital Physical

Transforming the digital space trapped inside screens and devices into physical experiences in the real world.
6 Projects
5 Commercial Partners
14 Academic Researchers

Rethinking Working Life

What opportunities does Digital Public Space afford for new working practices? 
5 Projects
6 Commercial Partners
12 Academic Researchers

Stories, Archives and Living Heritage

Exploring new ways of accessing, creating, exploring and remixing personal stories and cultural heritages to create new experiences.
3 Projects
5 Commercial Partners
3 Academic Researchers

Building Social Communities - Dynamic Structures for Growth

The lab under this cluster topic will focus on the following area: Designing the Digital Public Space - Dynamic Structures for Growth
3 Projects
3 Commercial Partners
5 Academic Researchers


Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life

Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life
Time & Motion used artworks, research projects, archival materials and interventions to track our journey through the world of work, from clocking on at the factory gates to checking in online from our home office. 

Bretton Buzz

Bretton Buzz
This project aims to develop and test the potential of LocalNets, an innovative social media digital analytics tool created to drive community action and promote the take up of community rights.

States of Mind

States of Mind
The States of Mind project has developed an interactive tool allowing exhibition visitors to easily create colourful 3D objects to visually represent their feelings and cognitions at that moment.

Paths of Desire

Paths of Desire
This project has been inspired both by a desire to investigate opportunities for exploring the role of cartography in a digital age and consider ways of encouraging users of cities to deviate from their normal paths and flows and discover ‘hidden gems’ within the city as a result.

Being There

Being There
'Being There' investigates possibilities of digital technologies for exploring alternative narratives of historical events, and specifically of world war one, relevant to the locality of Cheshire East. A collection of explorative co-designs will highlight opportunities that then are turned into an artist brief for a fully commissioned piece.

Ageing Playfully

Ageing Playfully
Co-designing interactive and playful ways to encourage dementia-friendly exercise and movement.

Latest Activity

Fields - A UK Tour

28th Mar 2015
Throughout April 2015 Sébastien Piquemal and Tim Shaw will visit a number of venues, festivals and Universities to present performances, talks and workshops around their new audio sound system.  Fields, a performance which explores sound diffusion through the audience's mobile phones, is being taken around the UK with a series of...

Watch: States of Mind, an interactive installation: on show now at FACT

26th Mar 2015
Watch a video clip showing the States of Mind project, a collaboration between the RCA and Nexus Productions and part of FACT Liverpool's Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age exhibition (until 17th May 2015).  In collaboration with Nexus Productions, the States of Mind project has developed a digital interactive...

Cold Sun Enters BETA

24th Mar 2015
We have been working on a game called COLD SUN for some time now and we are seeking people to play the game over the course of a week. After  playing the game for a week we an interview either in person or over the phone will be conducted and used...

Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life: Exhibition tours to Berlin

24th Mar 2015
The Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life exhibition, hosted by FACT Liverpool in collaboration with the Creative Exchange during 2014 has now toured to Berlin.  Curators Emily Gee and Mike Stubbs have taken the Time and Motion: Redefining Working Life exhibition to Berlin, as part of Transmediale 2015.   Featured works and...

Wild Man Game Bridges the Digital to Seoul

16th Mar 2015
The Wild Man Game has just been presented at a Serious Games' symposium and at the British Embassy in Seoul, Korea. I am just back from a speedy tour of Seoul where the Wild Man Game formed my part of two talks on Serious Games. The talks were part of a special...

Watch: Everybody Needs Somebody: Modelling personal social networks in physical form

12th Mar 2015
Watch a video capturing a case study by John Fass, CX PhD researcher, looking at tangible social network modelling