We bring together pioneering companies and the best academic thinkers to explore the potential of something we are calling digital public space where anyone, anywhere, anytime can access, explore and create with digital content.

Together we are creating new products, experiences and business opportunities which empower anyone, anywhere to access, explore and create with the newly accessible collections of media, public information and personal data trails which form the digital public space.



Public Service Innovation and Democracy

Individual and community empowerment, new public and private sector services, data collection and sensing, data visualization and service design.
7 Projects
13 Commercial Partners
16 Academic Researchers

Performance, Liveness and Participation

Exploring how digital prototypes can be used to offer new forms of participation in live events, broadcasts and in public spaces.
7 Projects
9 Commercial Partners
12 Academic Researchers

Making the Digital Physical

Transforming the digital space trapped inside screens and devices into physical experiences in the real world.
5 Projects
6 Commercial Partners
13 Academic Researchers

Stories, Archives and Living Heritage

Exploring new ways of accessing, creating, exploring and remixing personal stories and cultural heritages to create new experiences.
3 Projects
5 Commercial Partners
3 Academic Researchers

Rethinking Working Life

What opportunities does Digital Public Space afford for new working practices? 
4 Projects
6 Commercial Partners
8 Academic Researchers

Building Social Communities - Dynamic Structures for Growth

The lab under this cluster topic will focus on the following area: Designing the Digital Public Space - Dynamic Structures for Growth
2 Projects
2 Commercial Partners
3 Academic Researchers


The Near Miss Project

The Near Miss Project
The Near Miss Project studies cycling incidents that don’t result in injuries, but may profoundly influence people’s experiences and behaviours.

Open Planning

Open Planning
Rethinking the urban planning process in the digital space.


Blockanomics is a system to promote playful political engagement between people and local democracy, in the shared digital space of a locally tailored minecraft world.

Seeing Reds: A Participatory iDoc

Seeing Reds: A Participatory iDoc
An Interactive Documentary (iDoc) about red squirrel conservation in Northern England. Produced in collaboration with Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE), Wildscreen and members of the red squirrel conservation communities across Northern England.


A hardware hacking & DIY filmmaking initiative.

On the Precipice

On the Precipice
Developing tools to capture audience experience in exhibitions.

The Physical Playlist

The Physical Playlist
A physical-digital object which people would share with significant others and friends.

Latest Activity

SMIDSY (Sorry Mate I Didn't See You)

25th Nov 2014
The Near Miss project aims to investigate cyclists tales, from 'Sorry Mate I didn’t see you' to close shaves and rudeness. A single near miss experience can be unpleasant and off-putting to new and experienced cyclists alike. There has been little research in to cyclists experience of close encounters which is...

A day in the life of a planning application

25th Nov 2014
How does a planning application notice get published? This short film takes a behind the scenes look at Liverpool City Council Planning Office. [video:http://vimeo.com/112414443]

Skills in Action – presenting Creative Exchange Superheroes

24th Nov 2014
A core strand of the work we do at Creative Exchange is looking how knowledge exchange can be incorporated into the training of doctoral students and early career researchers. So it was with great pleasure that we (Simon and Naomi) accepted an invitation to represent CX at an event designed for...

Open Planning App: test with citizens and developers

29th Oct 2014
Open Planning App received a great feedback, as according to participants it simplifies the planning process, making it more accessible and engaging. The past Friday 24th October the Open Planning team met with citizens and developers to discuss the pros and cons of Open Planning App. Open Planning App is a...

Blockanomics in UN report on Children’s Rights in the Digital Age

15th Oct 2014
Blockanomics has featured in UN report - Children’s Rights in the Digital Age, as one of the highlighted 'Digital Champions'. The report was commissioned UNICEF In observance of the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.   Blockanomics is thrilled to be highlighted as one of the 12 Digital...


1st Oct 2014
A Web-based Sound Spatialisation System Proposing New Forms of Engagement in Live Musical Performance [video:http://vimeo.com/100495429]   Fields is a collaboration between Tim Shaw and Sébastien Piquemal. This project aims to investigate alternative setups for music listening and performance.